Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Today marks our last official week of language classes here in TN (but we have two bonus days next week) and we are excited for the weekend!

We posted on Tuesday that we had a big written French exam and had to share our testimonies in French. We both did well! Allen recorded my oral testimony; here is it is if you’d like to watch! It’s only two minutes long and you can try to pick out some words you may recognize.

We spent last Saturday at the aquarium here in Chattanooga. The aquarium is split into two buildings: saltwater and freshwater. We tackled the saltwater side first and loved it! Penguins, sting rays, sharks, jellyfish… so many fun things to see!

We grabbed pizza downtown for lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon doing laundry.

We got together with our friends Shelly and Justin again this weekend! Shelly and I went to South Africa together in 2008 and randomly reconnected at church a couple weeks ago!

And we snuck in a picture with our husbands, too:

Our kiddos ran all over the gym and apartment playing together… and now our girls keep asking with their new friends can come over again.

For Allen’s birthday, I got him the two-person version – Rivals for Catan. We’ve played it a few times in the evenings; Allen usually wins.

Finally, this week we had goofy kids…

Went on a French class field trip…

And just enjoyed our last couple days in Tennessee.

Lastly, if you’re in our Facebook Partner Group, you’ll know we’re doing a Facebook live video today at 9:00am Alaska time! If you can’t join us, don’t fret. The video will be posted online. We’ll be sharing some updates and information about how we feel God leading us.

Have a great weekend, friends! We are thankful for you.

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