Tuesday Talk: 11-17-2020

There’s frost on the ground this morning here in Tennessee, so our listening to Christmas music finally feels justified!

We are in our last full week of language classes; here’s how you can be praying for us:

  • We’ll be packing everything up (again) and moving (again) next week. Pray for that transition to go smoothly, especially for kids.
  • Pray for wisdom and God’s provision as we seek a place to live that is (at least mostly) furnished in January. We’ll need someplace with reliable internet access, since we’ll be taking French courses online. Pray that God will literally open doors for us to be planted where He wants us in this next season, whether that’s in Oregon or back here in Tennessee.
  • Finally, if you think of us early this morning, we are sharing our testimonies in French and taking a big exam in class today. Pray for clarity of mind as we share!
At the aquarium on Saturday

We’ve really enjoyed our time here and are sad to see it ending so soon! We have been attending a great church and have started making new friends.

Have a great week! We’re praying for y’all.

4 Comments on “Tuesday Talk: 11-17-2020

  1. No Christmas 🎄 music 🎶 until after the Thanksgiving 🦃 holidays 🤣 it’s like an unspoken rule. lol! Just kidding, we hope you all do great on your final exams. We will be praying for smooth transitions with another move on the horizon.

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