Tuesday Talk: 10 November 2020

On Sunday, as we were checking kids into their classes at church, I told Allen, “I recognize that lady who checked in our family…”

… so of course, I hopped on Facebook and BINGO! There, in my photo album from my trip to South Africa in 2008, was a photo of me and Shelly, someone who looked exactly like the women who checked in our kids!

So, being awkward me, I asked her after church when we picked up our kids, “What was your name again?”

“Shelly,” she replied.

“Have you ever been to South Africa?” I asked (hopefully) nonchalantly.

“Yes…” she said

I pulled up the photo from Facebook. “Is this you?” I asked.

“Yes!” she exclaimed, before looking at me in confusion.

“That’s me with you!” I yelled (which probably scares her half to death). “We were in South Africa together 12 years ago!”

Seriously, how totally random that we were at the same church in Chattanooga / North Georgia (where there are literally 400+ Baptist churches is about a 20-mile radius)?!

We have made plans to get together and catch up this week and I’m so excited to hear what God has been doing in her life!

So in addition to my little reunion with Shelly, here’s how you can be praying for our family:

Continued success in French. We have about two more weeks, so pray that we will learn all we can!

Upcoming transitions. We’ll be moving from TN to AL and back to OR before the end of the year. That’s a lot for us, and a LOT for our kiddos. Pray for Allen and I to have wisdom in leading them well and for their hearts to rest in the Lord, not in whatever bed they have at any given time.

Strong connections here in TN. We really love the church we’re attending in N. Georgia. Pray that even though we’re only here for a couple more weeks, we can make some friends and feel more “at home” in this temporary place.

For Canada’s borders to open. Because of COVID stuff, we’re planning to start language classes through Parole de Vie, a school in Quebec, Canada, online in January. When borders open, we’ll transition to in-person learning. Pray that happens soon!

Also, we had family photos on Saturday with the lovely Ashley Gurley from Heritage Held. She’s such a dear friend and just talking and laughing between shots was such a balm for my stressed out heart. We can’t wait to share the magic (and absolute chaos) she captured!!

Have a great week!

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