A Day in the Life: Tennessee

One day last week, we documented what we did all day. We did this once before while living in Oregon, so it’s fun to see how different our day-to-day reality is now!

This is all from last Thursday, October 29. The day officially started at 5:30am, when my alarm went off…

… but really, it started a lot earlier than that when Hudson woke up and we brought him to our bed. So when my alarm went off, I took Hudson and went to our living room to do my Bible study.

Hudson played (mostly quietly) while Allen and the girls slept a little bit more.

When he was done playing, we snuggled some…

… and then the girls and Allen got up at about 6:15am. I usually try to prep their morning snack (which they eat with their babysitter) the day before, but I didn’t this time. So I got their snack ready (grapes, apple sauce, and a cheese roll up) while they helped and played.

Allen got breakfast ready while I showered and kids played.

And then during breakfast, Allen read to them from the Bible. In the mornings, we read from Matthew.

By about 7:00am, we were getting kids ready, grabbing snack boxes for their backpack, and making sure we had all our French books. We try to be out of the apartment by 7:45am.

We load up the car and hit the road! We spend the drive chatting and listening to music.

Depending on traffic, we usually get to class by about 8:10am.

We often wait in the car for a few minutes because the kids can’t go to the nursery until about 8:15. But when it’s time, we drop them off with Madelyn and settle in our classroom.

We sit in class all morning, taking occasional breaks, while our kids play and run around.

Class wraps up at 12:30, which is when Allen puts our stuff in the car and I get the kids from the nursery. Then we all buckle up, take a deep breath, and drive back to our apartment.

We’ve been making lunches in our crock pot every day so that it’s ready when we get back. This day, we had sausage and potatoes ready and we quickly added grapes and a salad.

Usually Hudson falls asleep on the drive back… but he didn’t this day. The kids played…

…I prepped snacks for the next day…

… and Allen worked on some French assignments.

I cleaned the kitchen and tackled some laundry (boring but necessary). And then I tried doing some homework, too.

The kids spent some time getting their energy out and riding their scooters in the gym.

But after they did that for a while, the kids were all so so tired. We did what any desperate parent does and loaded them in the car again, hoping they’d take a car nap.

They didn’t.

But we did find a fun antique/flea market store to look around! They had big metal horses outside and Hudson wasn’t too sure about them.

We looked around some…

… and then headed back to the apartment. And yes, we picked up pizza and Sonic drinks for dinner.

After dinner came the pre-bedtime frenzy of baths and pajamas and Bible reading (from Psalms).

Kids were in bed by about 7:30pm, and that’s where the photos stop. Because literally we spent the next several hours packing our bags for a weekend trip to Knoxville, doing French homework, and getting stuff cleaned and ready for the next day. In the middle of it all, I finalized and sent out our October 2020 newsletter.

I think we went to bed at like… 11:00pm-ish? Not sure. But that’s par for the course. We’re usually in bed around 10:30pm or 11:00pm.

Phew. It started again the next day at 5:30am!

Our days are full and loud but we are thankful for the chance to get a head start on our French learning!

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