Tuesday Talk: 10-27-2020

We drove over a bridge every morning on our way to class. And every morning, we get there right as the sun is clearing the horizon. It’s beautiful, especially when the clouds look all moody and sullen.

I was thinking last night about how everything around us is constantly in motion, constantly changing.

Tides never stop. The earth always rotates. Our kids grow more and more everyday.

Every time we blink, a million things have changed forever.

But in all the movement and chaos and change, God is constant. He is eternal and unchanging, the same yesterday, today, and forever. We can rest and breathe and relax knowing that He has all things in His control.

So that’s helpful.

The morning view from the bridge

So how can you be praying for us?

  • A sickness hit our family last week and we’re still struggling through it. Clara and I are on antibiotics (I have a sinus infection), but they don’t seem to be helping much. Pray for thorough healing and protection from further illness.
Poor sick Clara.
  • We’re on week 3 of our French program here. It’s intense and we’re learning a lot. Pray that we’ll have minds to comprehend and recall what we’re studying every day.
  • We’re excited to share at John Sevier Baptist Church in Knoxville this weekend! Our dear friends (the Gurley’s) serve there and invited us to share about what God is doing in our lives and in Togo. We’ll get to spend the whole weekend with them and I. Can’t. Wait. Pray that we’ll be able to communicate effectively and that God will be glorified.

And this is how we’re thanking God this week:

  • Celebrating Allen’s birthday last Friday was so good. We had a fun sushi dinner as a family, took the evening off from homework, and just relaxed some. Thank you to everyone for your kind words to Allen and for his birthday greetings!
  • We found a church here (Brainerd Baptist – North Georgia) that we are excited to worship and grow at for the rest of our time here. Last Sunday’s service was so encouraging and challenging for our family. We loved it!
  • And finally, our kids are starting to sleep through the night again! Like Ruth (below), we are very excited.

We are thankful for family and friends-like-family with whom we can walk this road. We are praying for you!

Have a great week, friends!!

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