Happy Birthday, Allen!

We have now celebrated eight of Allen’s birthdays together and each of his birthdays take us someplace new.

We’ve celebrated his birthdays in three different apartments, two houses, various hotels, and now, here in Tennessee.

We celebrated one of his birthdays while dating (2012), one while engaged (2013), one when it was just the two of us (2014), one when Ruth was on the way (2015), one with just us and Ruth (2016), one with us, Ruth, and Clara (2017), one with Hudson on the way (2018), and now we’re settled into celebrating with all five of us (2019+).

And Allen is worth celebrating.

So in honor of his birthday, here are just ten of my favorite things about Allen, in no particular order:

1. His beard. When we started dating, Allen just had a mustache. I quickly convinced him to grow a beard, too, and he never looked back.

2. His humor. Allen is a pro dad-joke teller. He is very punny and can come up with the most random responses.

3. His tenacity. Allen will just figure something out. If he doesn’t have a solution, he’ll find one. I like that about him.

4. Nature Adventures. Allen is always up for an adventure. Hiking, snowshoeing, fishing… whatever it is, he likes to be outside.

5. Coffeeeee. From the start of our relationship, we went on coffee dates. I know exactly how he likes his coffee and I love having those coffee dates with him!

6. His style. Allen would be fine in shorts and any-shirt everyday (somehow he never gets cold…). This is great because he’s always willing to share his coat or sweatshirt.

7. He doesn’t give up. Even when something isn’t fun or is really hard (ahem*French*ahem), Allen perseveres. He worked and worked to earn his degree, even with getting married and having kids in the process. I’m so proud of him!

8. Leadership style. You know all those leadership books that include some quiz about what kind of leader you are? Hands down, Allen is one of the best servant leaders I know. He is always willing to lead by serving, even if it means he is never recognized or acknowledged for what he does.

9. He is musical! Allen can play at least a thousand different instruments… and he does so nonchalantly. Like, “Oh, hey, a banjo. Huh. Let me just finger pick this amazing song that I heard once before like it’s no big deal.”

10. Devotion. Allen is devoted first to God, then to me, then to our kids. And that is unwavering. I love seeing him read his Bible and pray because I know he does so out of love and a heart yielded to God. I love seeing him pray with our kids and talk about sin and forgiveness. He is devoted and committed to our spiritual growth.

Happy birthday, Allen. I love you forever.

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