We spent the week finding a rhythm and diving into French studies. Want to see what the looks like?

After we start our day and make it to the IBJM headquarters, our kids spend time with Ms. Madelyn, who is already such a blessing to our family.

We come “home” to lunch in the crockpot and have quiet time. For the girls, that usually means watching a movie (or napping on dad):

And for Hudson, it looks more like this:

During quiet time, I clean up lunch and prep the crockpot meal for the next day. I clean out snack boxes and get them ready again. I stage our class stuff and the kids’ backpack for the morning.

Then it’s an afternoon of playing, reading together, preschool (maybe), resting, and maybe going on an adventure.

We make dinner, eat, clean up, get the kids ready for bed, and say goodnight. And then countless hours in the evenings looked a lot like this:

Pouring over French notes and completing assignments.

Phew. We’re glad it’s Friday.

In other news, October’s MK Stories is now on YouTube! Find it here.

Have a great weekend!

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