Tuesday Talk: 10-13-2020

I’m taking a quick break from French homework to write this post – I have about three hours of assignments ahead of me still, so this may be short!

We are super thankful for many things this week: A cozy apartment for our family. A babysitter (Madelyn) whom the girls adore. The opportunity to be thrown into French. Fresh flowers and fall candles. Safety traveling here this week. And a whole slew of photos on my phone that are some variation of this:

Here’s how you can be praying for our family this week:

  • For Allen and I to quickly learn (and remember!) French. I keep reminding myself that God created the French language (hello, Tower of Babel), so it is good.
  • For Madelyn as she cares for our kiddos each morning. It’s a big job and she is already such a blessing to us!
  • For wisdom as we consider plans for our family for January. We are waiting to see what borders open (if any!) and will keep you all posted on how God leads us.

Thank you for praying! We’re sharing a little MK Story on Thursday, in addition to the normal Romans lesson, so keep your eyes out!

We’re praying for you, friends! Bonne journée!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk: 10-13-2020

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