Greetings from Tennessee!

It’s our first Friday in Tennessee and it’s crazy to think of all that happened in the last week! Let’s just look at our faves day-by-day.


We had a full day at the Oregon Coast on Friday. And even though it was foggy, we spent a lot of the day walking on the beach, looking for treasures, and jumping waves.


More beach time (with cousins who drove over from Grants Pass!), followed by a drive along the coast so kids could nap, some thrifting, and coloring in our hotel room.


No matter what, we always seem to leave hotels crazy early on our last day of vacations. We drove to Grants Pass (with a quick stop in the Redwoods to stretch and take a picture), did some last-minute shopping, and packed.


We finished packing on Monday (and were able to condense our belongings to 11 checked bags!). We said, “See ya!” to my grandma and parents and hopped on the plane! We had three flights, including one overnight.


Flying, long layovers, sleepy kids, and not enough coffee. And then we landed in Alabama, gathered our luggage, loaded the truck we’re borrowing, and headed to Allen’s dad’s house! Two of Allen’s sisters and their families came to have dinner with us and Allen’s dad. Seeing the little cousins playing together was so fun!


We had breakfast with Allen’s sister, Holly, and her kids before driving up to Tennessee. For whatever reason, the drive felt like it took forever. I thought we’d never get here! But then we saw the “Welcome to Tennessee” sign (and noticed the unexpected time change…) and felt so much better. We unpacked some, ran to the grocery store, and went to bed.


Our kids slept in until about 8:30am and it. Was. Glorious! We had a nice, slow, quiet morning before doing the last of our grocery shopping. We spent the afternoon unpacking some more, riding scooters, doing laundry, and relaxing.

A few more notes:

We had a new partner join our team this week! Their partnership was totally unexpected and came at such a perfect time as we start this next phase in getting ready for Togo.

Our apartment here is so lovely. We’ll share some pictures, if anyone is interested, and plan to do a new “Day in the Life” post when classes start.

We were officially accepted to the language school in Canada! We aren’t sure what doors God will open for visas (France vs. Canada), but we wanted to be prepared. There’s an on-campus 3-bedroom apartment reserved for us in Canada should the need arise. We’re excited to see what God does as we prepare for and anticipate 2021.

Tomorrow kicks off our orientation and language training. As our kids meet their babysitter, Madelyn, and we start our classes, please pray that everything will go smoothly.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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