Tuesday Talk: 10-6-2020

We are coming in this morning from the Dallas airport with three exhausted kiddos who had a TIME getting off the airplane here after a four-hour nap. We are thankful for gracious flight attendants!

We’re traveling the rest of today, driving to TN tomorrow morning, and then settling in for our studies to start next week.

So here’s how you can be praying for each of us:


Allen has never studied a foreign language before, so pray that he’ll be able to quickly make sense of French and that this program will be fruitful. Pray, too, that he’ll find ways to serve this fall, wherever we are.


Pray that I will know how to invest in our kiddos well during this time in TN. I’d like to continue preschool in the afternoons, but am not sure how that will work out yet. Pray for wisdom and time management for me.

Ruth & Clara:

Our girls’ sensitive 3- and 4-year-old hearts are struggling with all the changes. Pray for peace for Ruth and Clara and for a couple of sweet friends in TN.


Where the girls can understand (at least in part), Hudson can’t. He’s just confused and uncertain. Pray that he can adjust to this next phase.

As a Family:

We still aren’t sure what’s happening in January or where we will be. So just pray that God will open the next right door and guide us.

Thanks for praying, friends!

One thought on “Tuesday Talk: 10-6-2020

  1. Callan and I just read through Psalm 136 the other night. We will be praying that passage of Scripture over you and your family. It is such a great reminder that God leads, guides, protects and loves us!

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