Tuesday Talk: 9-29-2020

The countdown is on, and we’ll be flying out of Oregon in less than a week!

A friend asked the other day how she could be praying for us. I told her, “We already whittled down our life to a 20’ shipping container, then again to a small U-Haul to drive out of Alaska, and now we are trying to fit it in 10 pieces of luggage to take on an airplane.”

And yet, like Allen preached about on Sunday, our treasure is in heaven. It isn’t here on earth, stored in our shipping container or in some boxes and suitcases. We are seeking eternal and lasting treasure.

So there’s lots of decisions and packing and transitions coming up. Here’s how you can be praying for us.

This Week:

  • Smooth transitions to Tennessee for our language studies. Pray especially for our kids as we say, “See you later!” to my parents, pack up all of our stuff again, and move… again.
  • For our desires to align with God’s, especially as we continue praying about what to do in January.
  • We praise God for a sweet send-off on Sunday from Bonanza Community Church. They prayed over us, made a cake, and gave generously. BCC has nestled itself into our hearts and we’re so thankful for the time we’ve had serving there.

On-Going Requests:

  • For God’s will and timing for the remainder of 2020 and early 2021.
  • For ministry opportunities wherever God plants us.
  • For spiritual growth in our individual lives and in our family and for our kids’ salvation.
  • Quick understanding of and surprising success in French (and Kabiye) when we begin our studies.
  • Smooth shipping and receiving of our container. It is currently being stored in Alaska and we plan to ship it when language school in France is nearly over.
  • For teammates getting settled in Togo, that God will bless their ministries and the Togo Central Team.

Our September newsletter will go out tomorrow, along with a video version that can be shared in a church or small group setting. If you aren’t on our email list, use the MailChimp pop-out to sign up! And if you are on the list, but haven’t seen our newsletters come through, check your junk mail.

Okay friends. Have a great week – we’re praying for you!

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