Happy Friday! We sat down to write this post and asked each other, “What did we even DO this week?!” Anyone else have a week like that?

So here’s what we did:

Saturday we played outside and put up a horse shelter. My parents don’t have horses yet, but the other night, Clara was praying for them and asked God to give them horses. So maybe soon!

Sunday, Allen preached again at Bonanza Community Church (click here to watch it!). We ran some errands in town that included letting the kids pick out fabric for new pillow cases. Then we joined some friends from church at a beautiful campground for dinner, singing, and spending time together.

Monday, I sewed the pillow cases with cute little helpers and we applied to a language school in Quebec. We did preschool in the morning, too!

Tuesday we went to the church. Allen worked on his sermon, the kids and I did preschool (we’re learning about our five senses this week!), and we played. We ran some errands in town and played outside when we got back to the ranch.

Wednesday, Allen and my dad installed a tent to put the Jeep in for storage while I did preschool with the girls. And then we finished painting the little cabin. And then it was practically dinner and bedtime.

Thursday, Hudson had a chiropractor appointment and we ended up spending all day in town. We went grocery shopping, played at a playground, FaceTimed with some future teammates, and then went to Cowboy Dinner Tree with my parents and grandma. My parents are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday, so we had a nice dinner to celebrate!

And now… here we are! Friday again. We’re spending the weekend packing and organizing so we are ready to head to Tennessee next month. Allen will teach another men’s Bible study on Saturday and then wrap up his study of James at BCC on Sunday.

We’re also getting our September newsletter and video ready for next week… I feel like we have lots to share!

In the meantime, we hope you have a great weekend. Relax, enjoy some fall weather, and be sure to spend time with brothers and sisters in Christ in corporate worship. God is worthy.

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