Friday Faves

We can’t let today pass by without remembering and honoring those who lost their lives 19 years ago in terrorist attacks or helping those in need. We are thankful that God “heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds” as Psalm 147:3 promises. May He heal our nation and bind us to Him.

As I was scrolling through the pictures on my phone this week, I realized I had… practically none.

As far as weeks go, this one was very… normal. We went to town a couple times. We had preschool. We did laundry. We watched the smoke roll in from the wildfires destroying the Pacific Northwest.

This is looking across my parents’ field. Their cabin is up on that hill and you can’t even see it because of the smoke.

We spent a couple days at BCC so Allen could work on his sermon for Sunday (click here if you want to watch his sermon from September 6th).

Allen’s set up.

While he studied, the kids and I had preschool! We practiced the letters G and H, worked on cutting skills, and are striving towards number recognition.

Working on math and handwriting.

We had a quasi-date on Wednesday: we dropped off the Jeep to get a new windshield, walked to WalMart for eye exams, picked up the Jeep, ate lunch, and went grocery shopping. And literally the only photo we took was of our new windshield.

Pretty (non-cracked) windshield!!

The girls found a feather…

Hudson helped chop fire wood…

And all three kids enjoyed riding their “horses” together.

A few other notes from the week:

  • We have childcare for Tennessee all lined up! Thank you for praying!
  • We bought our tickets back East for our language program!
  • Allen is teaching at a men’s Bible study tomorrow morning and preaching again on Sunday.
  • We are supposed to go to a ministry retreat next week, but the fires here in Oregon have caused most of the major roads and highways to close. Please pray for rain in California, Oregon, and Washington!!
  • We are starting to navigate through Plan B for language school, in case France doesn’t reopen in time. This will be a lot of work, especially when we’d rather just go to Europe! But God knows and we’re trusting Him while doing the next thing.

One last photo to end the week:

Do I have something in my teeth?

Have a great weekend!

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