Friday Favorites: One a Day

For this week’s Friday Favorites post, we are sharing one picture from each day of the week! This will give you a glimpse of what we’ve been up to, plus be a highlight reel for the last 7 days. Ready? Go!

Friday: Last Friday, Allen and I took the kids on a nature scavenger hunt as part of preschool. We named items they had to find and put in their collection box (aka, an egg carton). It was so fun seeing them run around and find different things. We got to talk about how God made each of those things and how cool that leaves can be green and red!

Saturday: With about a month left in Oregon, we are trying to sort through our things here so that we can consolidate our belongings into about 10 totes/suitcases. So far, no luck.

Sunday: After a lovely church service, we went to a friend’s house for lunch. The kids played with new friends and lots of toys before asking nicely to go see the horses.

Monday: We had to go to town on Monday for some grocery shopping. We had lunch with my parents and inadvertently bought enough pizza at Abby’s to feed all seven of us for both lunch and dinner that day. Oops. But anyway, the best part of the day was definitely Allen and Hudson accidentally matching in black t-shirts and green shorts!

Tuesday: We took preschool to Bonanza Community Church so that Allen could work on his sermon series for this month. While he studied and planned, the kids and I attempted some learning before mostly playing on the playground outside. It was a beautiful day!!

Wednesday: Allen and I have tried to make running in the mornings a habit. We’re still new to it, but we ran together Wednesday morning and it was such a good way to start the day together.

Thursday: Allen headed back to BCC to finish his sermon prep while the kids and I painted the little cabin with my parents. It was HOT yesterday (close to 100*), so by the time noon came around, everyone was grumpy and tired. Quiet time was very effective that afternoon: all three kiddos slept for hours!!

A few other notes:

  • We have housing in Tennessee! God provided a three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in a church for us to use! We’ll open our apartment door right into the gymnasium/multi-purpose room, which means our kids will have lots of space to run around and play. We are so so thankful to God and for your prayers with us about this need!
  • Allen is preaching on Sunday! Please pray that he’ll just disappear and God will speak as he shares from God’s word. The sermon will be recorded and when we have a copy of it, we’ll share it here if anyone is interested!
  • We have a new partner! What a blessing to see God lead another family to join our partnership team and the work He is doing in Togo.

That’s a wrap, folks! Have a great weekend!

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