Tuesday Talk: 9-1-2020

We had some technical difficulties last night…

So our August 2020 newsletter is coming out today! We’ll post the link when it is up!

In addition to the fun news we share in that monthly update, here’s how you can be praying for us:

This Week:

  • Allen will be preaching every Sunday this month at Bonanza Community Church. Pray that God will reveal the right messages to him and bless the proclamation of His word.
  • Pray for a place to live and childcare in southern Tennessee this fall so that we can participate in the French program. Not much makes us nervous anymore… but not having a place to stay is one of those things. Pray that we will trust God to provide, and that He will!
  • Kids have not been sleeping well. I know it is a little thing and not a big deal. But we. are. tired.
  • Pray that France will begin issuing visas to the US soon so we can apply and have them back in time to begin language school in January.

On-Going Prayer Requests:

  • For wisdom in decisions for the remainder of 2020.
  • For ministry opportunities now, in France, and in Togo.
  • For spiritual growth in our individual lives and in our family and for our kids’ salvation.
  • Quick understanding of and surprising success in French (and Kabiye) when we begin our studies.
  • Smooth shipping and receiving of our container. It is currently being stored in Alaska and we plan to ship it when language school in France is nearly over.
  • For teammates getting settled in Togo, that God will bless their ministries.

Thanks for praying, friends.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk: 9-1-2020

  1. How exciting 😃 is the news that Allen has been blessed with the opportunity to preach! Please let us know if there is a way that we can tune in and watch or listen to the audio via podcast or website. We will continue to pray for your family’s requests, trusting that God will provide for each and every need in accordance with His perfect will.

    • Thank you, Matt! The sermons will be recorded and posted on YouTube. BCC’s sermons are usually up 5 to 7 days after recording. But we’ll post a link when they are available!

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