Friday Faves

Living on a ranch in Oregon must be what childhood dreams are made of. Our kids can pretty much run wherever they want, play with dirt and sticks, and end each day with a bubble bath.

Each week looks pretty similar to the week before. Playing, projects, and now, preschool.

We went to the park last Friday morning, before it got hot. The kids ran around playing, we got popsicles from the corner store, and we drove home in time for lunch.

Our little princesses watched a movie together in their fancy dresses…

… while little brother played with their Disney toys and his cars.

We took Hudson into town for a chiropractor appointment (and highly recommend the Klamath Spine Rehab and Sports Center!)…

… But Ruth begged to stay behind at the ranch (she is our little homebody) and had a blast playing on all of Papa’s equipment in the yard:

We reviewed C and D in preschool this week, which included building a Frozen II Cookie Castle, practicing sight words, making patterns, and playing with sticky string books.

The kids are learning how to play together…

… and we took a LOT of walks that included finding sticks, dragging shovels, picking flowers, eating snacks, and trying to take good family photos for our August newsletter (coming out next week!!).

And we did a little bit of painting to round things out and become a little bit more cultured.

A few other notes, if you’ve made it through all those photos:

  • Allen and my dad went to a men’s breakfast and Bible study at church last Saturday… and Allen was asked to lead the studies during next month’s meetings! He’s pretty excited to be teaching again.
  • The burn on my arm is healing – within a few more days, I don’t think I’ll need to wrap it at night any more!
  • We have been praying for our partners regularly since our appointment with ABWE, but we’ve started reaching out to them to touch base and ask about specific prayer requests they may have. It’s been so good to connect with our amazing partnership on the phone, via text, through social media… if we haven’t reached out to you yet – don’t worry! Your time is coming. Our prayer calendar is set up alphabetically by last name.

Have a great weekend, friends! We hope you get to relax and do something fun… but more than that, we hope you draw closer to God and worship Him in spirit and in truth.

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