Lesson #20

I know this has been the weirdest year every for… everyone… but we have so much to look forward for in the rest of 2020, believe it or not!

Birthdays, relocating to Tennessee temporarily, visiting family, celebrating holidays and, Lord willing, moving to France. And in between: adventures to be had, good books to read, yummy coffee to drink, and lots of early morning snuggles.

Scripture is so clear that as believers, we have MANY things to be excited about that are even better than those I already mentioned.

And that’s the basis of this lesson. We are in this place of “Soon… but not yet!” Soon (but not yet) we will see how God works everything together for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28). Soon (but not yet) creation will be freed from the cycle of death and decay that has held it captive since the Garden of Eden (Romans 8:20-21). Soon (but not yet) we will be in God’s presence, fully glorified (Romans 8:18).

So if your heart needs some “Soon… but not yet!” encouragement (or if you need a quick kids’ lesson for this weekend), click the link below to download lesson #20.

One thought on “Lesson #20

  1. The kingdom has been inaugurated, as we await the kingdom consummated. What a good reminder! We are keeping you guys in our prayers! Be blessed.

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