Friday Faves

We’re writing this post on Thursday night, driving back from the Klamath Falls Emergency Room… which is not at all how we expected this week to end.

But Hudson fell down some steps Thursday morning. He spent all day refusing to eat, trying to sleep, and crying in pain every time he moved. So we drove the two hours to the ER to make sure everything was okay.

Emergency room selfie

He was cleared from the possibility of a concussion, praise the Lord! We are so thankful it wasn’t anything serious.

So now, we are heading home. Hudson is sleeping in the backseat and we just ate dinner in the car…at about 8:30pm. Phew.

Last Saturday, Allen and I took Ruth to town to pick out some cowboy boots and new clothes. She was so excited about our special time together! We shopped, we ate lunch, we took pictures…

My mini-me!
New cowgirl outfit

But on Sunday, all the kids went on an adventure with us to have a delicious and encouraging lunch with friends… and to feed baby pigs!

On Monday, we started preschool! Already I’m learning to adjust my expectations and not be so hard on myself… or my kiddos. Ruth had an amazing experience in preschool last year, so her foundation is so strong. Now, I’m teaching the girls some French, we’re reading a lot, and doing crafts. I’d LOVE any homeschool tips you can offer!

Morning circle time!

The project of the week at the ranch was an elevated platform for the wood stove in the corner of the log house. That meant, of course, that the construction area became a horse for the kids well before it was finished.

Giddy up!!

In other news:

  • We’re in the process of getting our documents translated for language school in France!
  • I burned my arm on the wire rack in the oven while taking some pizza out this week. It is very painful but I’m thankful it wasn’t any worse than it is.
  • We’re still praying about and looking for a place to stay in southern TN in October and November.
  • Allen and I signed up for a ministry retreat in September! We’re already excited.

That’s a wrap, friends! Have a great weekend!

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