Tuesday Talk: 8-18-2020

Autumn is starting to descend in the high desert of eastern Oregon. Cool weather (85* instead of 95*) and rain in the distance mean that the leaves on the hillside are slowly turning red and the desert flowers are dying.

But that also means school is resuming and as of yesterday, the Batts Family Preschool is in session!

Projects are underway on the ranch, we’re checking off things we need for France, and we are anxiously anticipating God moving in a variety of ways.

So here’s how you can be praying:

This Week:

  • We decided to participate in a seven-week French language program in Tennessee in October/November. Lord willing, this will help prepare us for our studies in France. Pray for all the logistics to work out (including a place for our family to live and a babysitter for the kids).
  • With that, we have about a month and a half left in Oregon. Pray that we make the most of the time we have remaining here.
  • We had a nice Sunday afternoon lunch with friends from church and enjoyed talking about missions with them!


  • For wisdom in decisions for the remainder of 2020.
  • For ministry opportunities now, in France, and in Togo.
  • For spiritual growth in our individual lives and in our family and for our kids’ salvation.
  • Quick understanding of and surprising success in French (and Kabiye) when we begin our studies.
  • Smooth shipping and receiving of our container. It is currently being stored in Alaska and we plan to ship it when language school in France is nearly over.
  • For teammates in France and Togo who continue to adapt to life with COVID-19.

Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk: 8-18-2020

  1. God we love that you have invited us into the kingdom building process. Despite all of our short comings you have seen fit to rescue, redeem, and reconcile us back into your divine family. We stand on that truth, which prompts us to pray for the Batts children and their decision to follow you. We pray that you would give them a desire to love and serve you in ways that will surpass that of their parents (God raise up the next generation to surpass us all), for your glory and our joy. In Jesus name amen!

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