Seven Friday Favorites

Too often, we find ourselves totally unaware of what day it is. If it weren’t for regular postings on this blog, we’d be completely lost. But we KNOW today is Friday, and we have big weekend plans before I start preschool with the girls on Monday.

I guess that technically makes this our last week of summer vacation, huh? Yikes.

If you have any good preschool tips, I’m all ears. In the meantime, here are some of our faves from the last week, in no particular order.

1. Goodbye Cows…

My parents leased a portion of their ranch this summer and hosted a herd of cows. But last Saturday, the cows were loaded up and returned home. The kids were sad and keep asking to see the cows, but they loved watching the cowboys (and cowgirls) on horseback rounding up each little calf. And they liked playing in the squeeze chute!

2. Sharing at Bonanza Community Church

Sunday morning, Allen played with the praise team at church. Pam, the super talented musician who organized the music for that morning, invited our whole family up to sing “Jesus Loves Me” on stage. We’d been practicing all week in anticipation (and even started learning it in French!), but I was afraid the girls would get too shy. They surprise us all – they all got on stage and Ruth loudly and proudly sang in front of everyone! She was so so proud, and so were we.

Below, you can see Allen on the far left playing guitar and the rest of us standing with Pam.

After we sang, we had an opportunity to sit on stage with Pastor Russ and share about how God has lead our family to Togo. It’s cool being in the final stages of prefield to get to reflect on the whole story God has written so far.

3. Culvert Pipes

“What? How could culvert pipes be a favorite?!” Well, like this:

Three big culvert pipes are waiting in the wings for a big upcoming ranch project. And while they wait, our kids are having the time of their lives yelling, singing, and talking into them.

4. Pony Cart Rides

After sharing in church on Sunday, a kind woman invited us to her house. She has miniature horses and ponies that she hooks up to carts to go for rides. She asked if our kids would be interested and that got a resounding YES from us!

So yesterday, we packed a sack lunch and drove to her house. Our girls spent time riding in the carts before playing with toys in her back yard.

Allen made a video documenting the whole thing, so here it is:

P.S. Clara picked out the epic music in the video.

5. Practicing French

We’ve started working more French exposure into our days here in preparation for when God opens the doors (literally) for us to move to France for language school. That means lots of counting in French, practicing the alphabet, listening to kids shows on Netflix in French, French audio books, and spending lots of time reading these kids books together:

6. Dozer Rides

My dad took each of the kids on a bulldozer ride this week and they loved it!

It’s so fun for us to see them experiencing ranch life with their grandparents. I’m sure Ruth and Clara will remember this time of their lives forever.

7. Unexpected Blessings

From anonymous donors giving to our ABWE account and partners increasing their monthly gifts to dear friends blessing us in crazy unexpected ways… this has just been a week where we’ve sat back and said, “Wow, God. Thank You.”

Have a great weekend, friends!

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