Lesson #18

As we were preparing this week’s lesson, I was reading some of the notes in my study Bible. One of them said, “Let the Holy Spirit turn your eyes away from your own performance and toward Jesus.” Phew.

That brought some conviction. How often am I trying to do things on my own, through my own strength, rather than leaning into Christ to help me?

That’s one reason we like writing these lessons each week – it gives us an opportunity to remind ourselves of the Gospel. As I turn my eyes away from what I can accomplish and toward what Jesus HAS accomplished on the cross, I’m reminded that I’m nothing and He is everything.

He lovingly, patiently, and intentionally takes our sin nature and transforms it into His own nature.

I’m so thankful.

So even if you aren’t teaching these lessons or saving them for future use, you should open the file below and just review the truth of the Gospel. It’s a beautiful thing. We are delivered from our sin nature because Jesus Christ – God’s only Son – became sin for us.

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