Friday Faves

It’s the end of July! We were looking back through some of our old newsletters and July has always been a pretty big month for us in pre-field apparently…

In July 2018, we were at 50% of our monthly support and spent about three weeks on the east coast at ABWE training.

In July 2019, we had reached 70% of our support and saw God answer some direct prayer requests that we had.

And now this July, we reached full funding and are in the final stages of pre-field development!

Exciting times!

Let’s look at everyone’s favorite from the week:


Swimming and hanging out poolside in Grants Pass while spending a long weekend with my grandma was Hudson’s favorite!


Clara’s favorite is anytime she can run outside (in this case, during a rest stop on our long drive)!


In Ruth’s world, 98* days now officially call for playing in a splash pad for hours.


I loved our weekend with my grandma, but when Hudson wanted to hold my hand in the side-by-side this week while we watered the cows, I melted. That was the end of me.


Allen does all of our video editing and he made several this week – he’s so good at it! You can find them all on our YouTube channel!

If you’re interested in seeing more of what we’ve been up to, visit our YouTube channel! Our monthly video updates are there, along with a new “MK Stories” series and other excited videos.

And if you missed it, we published our July 2020 newsletter yesterday! Click here to read it.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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