Tuesday Talk: 7-28-2020

Instead of flying to ABWE headquarters in PA for some training last weekend, we traveled to Grants Pass instead. It was the one year anniversary of my grandpa going to be with the Lord and we wanted to support my grandma however we could.

We spent time just sitting and visiting with her, but also played in the local splash pad, swam in the hotel pool, drank coffee, and shared meals together. It was such a sweet time together honoring my grandpa and catching up again.

And I mean, how CUTE is this photo?!

Here are our current and on-going praises and prayer requests.

This Week:

  • We are fully funded! By the middle of last week, God had provided full funding for us to serve Him in Togo! We obtained our financial clearance by the weekend and we are that much closer to being able to leave for language school. We praise God for His provision and timing. (If you missed last week’s video announcement, you can watch it here.)
  • This is our last week of our Muslim studies course! We thought we were crazy adding this ABWE requirement to an already chaotic summer, but God has used the course to make us even more excited about ministry in Togo.

On-Going Prayer Requests:

  • For wisdom in decisions for the fall and remainder of 2020.
  • For spiritual growth in our individual lives and in our family.
  • For Ruth and Clara’s passport renewals to come in quickly so we can make decisions about the fall.
  • Quick understanding of and surprising success in French (and Kabiye) when we begin our studies.
  • Smooth shipping and receiving of our container. It is currently being stored in Alaska and we plan to ship it when language school in France is nearly over.
  • For teammates in Togo who continue to adapt to COVID-19 and it’s affects on life.

Have a great week, friends!

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  1. Prayers for you both as you finish your studies on the muslim religion, their vast cultural differences and their people.

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