Thank You x 100!

The last few days have been filled with awe, praise, random bits of laughter, and lots of excitement…

… but I think this video explains it best:

God has provided full funding for our family!

We prayed this week that God would just really move in whoever else was to be on our team and a friend reached out to follow up about a conversation we had ages ago. His family decided to partner with us for the remainder of our need.

There are such God-sized details in this, too. Everyday, we pray for at least two partners and now, an entire month (31 days) are full of partners to pray for!

And we had been asking God over and over that we’d have full funding by the end of July… and He provided with a week to spare!

This whole week has been “abundantly more than all we can ask or imagine,” as Ephesians 3:20 proclaims.

Okay, so what now?

First of all, THANK YOU to those who have prayed, encouraged, and given to God’s work. It matters.

Second, we have official financial clearance from ABWE. Obtaining this was a pivotal step for us to be able to leave for language school when the time comes.

Third, if people still feel called to join this team, GREAT! Any new partners or partnership increases will go directly to our ministry funds, meaning we will be able to do more in Togo. More training, more outreach, more ministry.

And finally? We wait to see what happens with France’s visa situation. Our language school there is holding a place for us in January 2021 just in case we can’t get there sooner. So we’re waiting and trusting and can’t wait to see how God continues to glorify Himself.

Thank you for walking this road with us. Isn’t it fun to serve our good Father together?!

4 thoughts on “Thank You x 100!

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