Lesson #16

The focus of today’s post is lesson #16 in our kids discipleship series, but before we got to that, this has been SUCH a big week for our family!

First of all, we’re writing this from the ranch, not a hotel next to the airport, because our personal security training at ABWE was cancelled. We found out Tuesday afternoon and spent a chunk of the afternoon canceling our flight, hotels, and rental car. It’s disappointing, but fine. Hopefully we’ll be able to go in November instead!

Our other amazing news is going to wait until tomorrow. We have a video we made this week that we’ll post here in the morning… just know you won’t want to miss it!

Now, onto the lesson! Click the file below to view or print it. Add it to a folder on your computer or device for use in the future. Or just review it yourself to remember how good the Gospel is and what we’re called to as believers.


God is so good to us, friends. So so good.

See you here tomorrow!

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