Happy Birthday, Clara!

Our Clara Mae is THREE today!!

The name Clara means “clear” or “light” and that’s just what our little girl is. She is a light.

Clara loves to adventure! Whether it’s in snow, rain, or shine, she’s always up for a great adventure.

Hiking in Ghana, West Africa
Sledding in Alaska
Running the beaches of Oregon

Clara says the funniest things, makes the funniest faces, and is just physically hilarious. She’s always doing funky dance moves or making silly faces.

Clara loves to pretend. She and Ruth will pick new characters to be (from Frozen’s Anna to Puffin Rock’s Oona) every five minutes. She’s always telling us, “Mom and Dad, I’m so-and-so.” She fully expects us to use that name when we talk to her.

Clara loves rocks. Anywhere we go, she picks them up, totes them around, and eventually loses them again. We have found countless rocks on the front steps of my parents’ cabin!

Clara is a snuggler. When things are hard or too much, she just wants to crawl up in our laps and be held.

Clara LOVES her siblings. She and Ruth (usually) play well together and she constantly wants to hug and help Hudson. We hear her ask, “Hudson, are you okay?!” multiple times a day.

Clara trying to teach Hudson how to crawl

Clara Mae, our little light. We pray daily that you will know the Lord and follow Him. We can’t wait to see how He uses you!

Happy birthday, sweet one!

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