Tuesday Talk: New and Improved

Allen and I were talking the other day – we have some prayer requests that we post week after week (the girls’ passport renewals, for example, and to reach full funding). But we usually have one or two focuses for the week ahead, too.

In order to best communicate both of these prayer needs, we’re adding a new section to each Tuesday post for “on-going” or long-term prayer requests. When God answers these, we’ll be sure to update them!

So let’s go ahead and start with those on-going needs:

On-Going Prayer Requests:

  • For Ruth and Clara’s passport renewals to come in ASAP so that we can apply for French visas.
  • For full funding by July 31. We are officially at 91%.
  • We are nearing the end of our Muslim Studies Course. Pray for us to grow in knowledge and for God to bring a Muslim into our lives for us to minister to.
  • Quick understanding of and surprising success in French (and Kabiye) when we begin our studies.
  • Smooth shipping and receiving of our container. It is currently being stored in Alaska and we plan to ship it when language school in France is nearly over.
  • For teammates in Togo who continue to adapt to COVID-19 and it’s affects on life.

This Week:

  • We may be sharing at Bonanza Community Church on Sunday, July 19th. Pray for God’s will in the congregation partnering with us.
  • We are looking for ways to get plugged in and build relationships where we are now. Pray for us to be intentional about it.
  • Clara Mae is turning three this week! We praise God for our little adventurous daughter.
  • We praise God for a great relaxing weekend over on the Oregon coast! There’s a law in Oregon that you have to wear masks anytime you’re in public, so while exploring the Sea Lion Caves, we obliged.

Thanks for praying, friends. We’re lifting you up before our Good Father, too.

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