Friday Faves: One Month in Oregon

Literally every week when it’s time to write this post, I think to myself, “How is it already Friday again?!” But alas. It is.

We have been in Oregon for a month now. We shared last week about how God is using this time to prepare us for Togo, but this week, we’re just back to some of our favorite things from the week.

Like an overnight trip to Grants Pass to see some long lost friends (hey, Hambs!) and my grandma:

And seeing Allen playing guitar in church again, totally in his element:

And playing the “What Am I Eating: Chocolate or Dirt?” game with Hudson:

Ruth wrote (well, dictated) and illustrated an adorable book about a monster and a princess and a unicorn this week:

And Clara found countless rocks, all of which she places carefully next to the front door for future use. She throws every rock she finds into the mud by the cows’ trough.

Of course, the kids played in the dirt and drank bubble solution (and picked out their own outfits – note Ruth’s polar fleece pants and tank top combo):

And finally, we are OFFICIALLY at 91% of our monthly support (but we have verbal commitments that put us at 93%). If we want to be able to start language school this fall, we have to be fully funded by the end of July. This will give us time to get our financial clearances lined up from ABWE in time. Please pray with us for the remainder of our partnership team to be built in God’s way and God’s timing!

This weekend, we are heading to the Oregon coast for a few days. We’ll be relaxing in the hotel pool, walking in the sand, visiting with one of our favorite people, and generally enjoying some family time.

Enjoy your weekend, wherever it may find you.

2 thoughts on “Friday Faves: One Month in Oregon

  1. It’s great to hear about the verbal 93%! We will continue to pray for full funding. It is also great to see God bless your family with some extra special friends and family time prior to your departure to language school.

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