Tuesday Talk

Hello, friends! Every week we ask for prayer about passport renewals, visas, and partnership. But this week, our hearts are in a different place.

We don’t know how long we’ll be in Oregon. A month? Six months?

However long it is, we don’t want to waste our time here. We don’t want to look back and say, “Wow. What was that for, God?”

We know God has good things in store for our family in the future, both at language school and in Togo…

… but He has good things in store for us here in eastern Oregon, too.

We keep asking God, “What do You want us to do here?” And we’re looking around to see what that is.

Allen played with the worship team in church on Sunday.

So that’s how you can be praying for us: that we will have eyes to see what God has for us to do now.

As we finish our Islamic studies course, what can we do with that information now? As we seek the rest of our partnership team, who can we invite to join God’s work now? As we plug into Bonanza Community Church, how can we serve and encourage now? As we live temporarily with my parents, how can we love on them now?

We don’t know yet. We’re praying for wisdom and opportunities. We’re praying for eyes to see.

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