Friday Faves & Life Update

As I thought about today’s post, the awkward and terrible question, “So what’s new?” kept running through my mind. Anytime I’m asked that, I have no clue how to respond. Anyone else?

If you saw Wednesday’s surprise post, you know what an average day for us looks like now. So what’s new beyond that? Well…

Allen and I have a daily contest to see who can drink the most water. I’ll let you decide for yourself who is winning. The day we only had three cups collectively, we were in town shopping.

And while we were in town, we bought a new bath rug! That was actually really exciting. It’s so cozy. There’s no picture because #awkward, but just trust me.

Ruth’s imagination is out of this world. Within about a 15 minute span, she went from being Nemo to Dory to a girl named Emily to Spike the dog. We can never keep up with who she is in any given moment, so she’s constantly correcting us: “Mama, I’m Penelope!” My bad.

My mom and I spent a couple days at the coast last week and it. was. delightful. Also, how cute is my mama?!

We celebrated Allen and my dad on Father’s Day! We had to go grocery shopping on Sunday, so we got a coffee to celebrate (is anyone surprised?). And since we mentioned that we had just moved here, they gave us our drinks for free! Also, a “medium” is 20oz here, not 16oz. Mind blown!

What else is new?

We flew kites this week.
I took a funny picture of my kids…
… and an adorable picture of Hudson.
We visited a two-week old foal at a friend’s house.
And stared down some cows, too.
And… yeah.
And my mom got a new stove! So Allen and my dad did some hard work to move the old one out (pictures above) and get the new one set up yesterday. Yay!

So, I guess that’s what is new with us. Not much, but lots at the same time.

We hope you’re having a great week and weekend.

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