Lesson #12

We spent yesterday running errands in town: grocery store, phone store, dollar store, etc. We let our kids each pick something at Dollar Tree and seeing Ruth run around with wings on all day was so much fun, and such a reminder that kids should just be kids.

But at the same time, we want kids (ours and others!) to know Truth. That’s why we started this little Romans Project months ago during a global pandemic: so that we and other families would have resources to teach our kids Truth that grounds us all during times of uncertainty.

We are passionate about making sure our kids know more than Bible stories. We want them to know the theology behind the stories.

Today’s lesson wraps up Romans 3 and is all about how our righteousness does not come through following the law, but through Christ alone. It is by faith in Him that God can declare us righteous.

We are trying a new method for sharing this content. Click the images below to view and save the lesson plan for future use.

Even if you aren’t formally teaching these lessons to the kids in your own house, reading through them is an easy way to re-ground yourself in what the Bible teaches, too. We try to include a family memory verse for each month, along with some activities to help drive home the key Truth from the lesson.

So enjoy! And if you missed some of the previous lessons, just look at other posts tagged “Resources” and you’ll find them all in one spot.

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