A Day in the Life

Now that we are settled in Oregon temporarily, we wanted to show you what an average day looks like. Spoiler alert: it’s A LOT different from our life in Alaska.

We documented this last Monday (June 22, 2020) so that you could see.

For whatever reason, Hudson wakes up at 5:00am every. single. day. Usually, we can convince him to stay quiet and snuggle with us in bed…

… but at 6:17am, we were up. The five of us are currently all sleeping in a loft upstairs and Clara was anxious to get downstairs to see Mimi and Papa.

We spend the next little bit changing diapers, making coffee, and cooking breakfast. Coffee is made on the stove every morning, and Ruth is learning how to make it, too:

Breakfast is a family affair (usually around 7:00am).

After breakfast, I did a short devotion, worked out, and we went upstairs to get dressed by 8:30am.

Around that same time, Allen and my dad headed out to cut some firewood.

9:00am: sunscreen application for a morning of playing and working outside. We usually spend a big chunk of the morning (when the weather is cooler) playing outside. I helped mom with her garden area, the kids played in dirt, and we took lots of drink breaks.

At about 10:00am, we took a snack break…

… and I started some laundry.

I was able to get Hudson down for a nap around 10:45…

… which meant that I had some time to work on prefield tasks. We wrote each of our financial partners a postcard this week, updating them on where we are and our next steps. We have about 60 families/individuals partnering with us, along with a few churches. Writing individual notes to everyone takes a significant amount of time, but we really value good communication. It is so fun to reflect on who God has brought together on this team.

I worked on postcards until about 12:00, when Allen and my dad returned and we took a lunch break. We eat sandwiches, fruit, chips, and yogurt just about everyday.

Hudson slept right through lunch, but the girls had quiet time and watched a movie in the early afternoon. Allen stacked wood and I worked on postcards.

When Hudson woke up at about 1:30pm, he ate some lunch and then the kids all colored and played while I finished up the postcards.

At about 4:00pm, we needed a break outside. We slathered on more sunscreen, put Hudson in the carrier, grabbed our water bottles, and went for a short walk.

My parents live in the high desert in Eastern Oregon. And it has been HOT here: it’ll get to about 90* during the day, and it doesn’t cool off (inside or out) until late at night. It was probably about 92* (or hotter) when we went on our walk, which meant that popsicles were in order when we got back to the cabin.

I’d been doing our laundry in between everything else, so at about 4:30pm, I carted it upstairs to remake beds, sort clothes, and tidy up.

Before we left Alaska, we packed the dressers and baskets we were using for all of our clothes. When we made that transition, we bought a set of packing cubes for each of us. Putting clothes away is easy now: each child has a cube for pants, one for shirts, one for socks, and one for pajamas. The girls also have one for dresses and Hudson has one for sweaters. Each kid’s cubes are stacked in a black and yellow tote so that they can see them and grab the right one. Allen and I have a similar setup.

So anyway, I sorted clothes, remade beds, and tidied up while Allen started dinner downstairs (breakfast stir fry! Yum.). You can see our sleeping arrangements below: Ruth and Clara’s mattresses from Alaska are sitting on totes. Ruth’s is right next to the clothes area and Clara’s is by the upstairs door (that goes to a porch). Hudson’s pack-and-play is next to her (with a blanket around it to help block the light), then our bed is next to that.

Between 5:15pm and 6:00pm, we cut the tops of strawberries to freeze them, played, cooked, and colored.

We ate dinner about 6:15pm with my parents, then it was bath time for kiddos. At the store the other day, we found some bath fizzers on sale. We tossed one in the bath, it turned the water pink, and Hudson freaked out. He had a very short bath while the girls lingered a little bit more.

We FaceTimed with Aunt Betty and Uncle Fred for a few minutes and then read from the Bible together. We read a Psalm together every night and this week, we are on Psalm 33. We’ll read it all week, then next Sunday, start a new one.

Prayers, hugs, “Sandman,” and lights out by 7:30pm-ish.

Allen and I didn’t take any more photos throughout the evening. Instead, we each took a shower; wrote an email to our partners; and talked with my parents some.

We went to be at about 10:00pm, only to have Clara wake up in a grumpy mood. The loft was really hot, so she didn’t want a blanket on, but she also didn’t want to sleep without a blanket. She finally settled back down and we were asleep by about 10:45pm.

So there you go. That’s an average day for our family here in Oregon! Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into our lives now!

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