Tuesday Talk

We’ve been in Oregon for about two weeks now. And when you move somewhere new with just a few totes and suitcases, it’s easy to settle in pretty quickly.

Our temporary home is my parents’ log cabin in eastern Oregon. It’s cozy, having 7 people (and a dog) under one room. And we’re so thankful for our time here.

We don’t know exactly how long we’ll be here. As we shared recently, there’s a lot that will determine our specific timeline: when we reach full funding, receiving our girls’ passports back in the mail, being able to apply for French visas, getting all of our clearances from ABWE, etc.

We’re living in the “in-between.” We aren’t in the home we’re used to anymore, but we aren’t in language school or on the field yet.

So this week, you can be praying for God’s timing in this “in-between” time. We honestly have no clue how this is going to work out. But we’re trusting that God does.

More than the sun rises and sets, He is trustworthy.

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