Friday Favorites: One a Day

Moving always involves finding new places for your belongings, settling into new routines, finding a new coffee stand, and learning how to parent in a new setting. For us, it also involves continuing prefield development.

Everyday, there’s something new to uncover. So we’d like to give a sneak peek of what those things were this week!


Friday, we drove into town to do some shopping. Finding a new grocery store (and then where everything is in the store is a big feat… especially with little kids in tow). Clara had a minor accident that included a good bump on her head, but she has since healed nicely.


Saturday, Ruth spent some time wearing Anna and Elsa pigtails, eating a snack, and working on her letters. Big favorite!



Full disclosure: we have ZERO pictures from Monday and not a clue what we actually did, besides water cows, make meals, and clean up. So here’s a cute photo of my dad, my son, and some cows. Let’s pretend it was on Monday.



Nothing says, “What a successful day!” like a new woodshed being filled with split firewood.


If you missed Wednesday’s lesson, click here. And if you missed Tuesday’s prayer requests, you can read them here!

Have a great weekend!

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