Lesson #11

We’re back in business! Lesson #11 – “We are all Sinners” is coming in hot today. And while it may not be the most encouraing lesson ever, it contains doctrine that is vital for everyone who is seeking eternal life to understand.

Lesson #11 comes from Romans 3:1-20. We included a June memory verse, some intro activities, a breakdown of the passage, and some more activities that you can do to wrap up the lesson. Click below to view and download the file!

You guys, that is just the truth: We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). But our unrighteousness does not in any way affect God’s faithfulness (Romans 3:3-4). He is so faithful and loving toward His creation, in fact, that He sent His only son, Jesus, to die on a cross for our sins, that if we confess belief in Him an dask His forgiveness, our sins will be eternally wiped from our records (John 3:16).

What starts out as a bummer (“You are a sinner!”) ends up being the best news ever (“Christ died for YOU!”).

Yes and amen.

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