Tuesday Talk

We are (more or less) settled in Oregon and onto the next phase of prefield ministry!

(I say “more or less” because we’ve just about unpacked everything we drove down last week but we are awaiting the last five or six boxes that we had to mail. And, unfortunately, most of my clothes ended up in those boxes. So I have enough for a few days’ worth, but suffice it to say, we’re doing lots of laundry.)

Here you can see Ruth and Clara’s new plastic tote beds and the edge of Hudson’s pack-and-play in the bedroom loft!

Anyway, we shared last week about what’s next for our family. And that’s really where we need some focused prayer. We have no clue when we’ll receive the girls’ passports. We have no clue when France will start issuing visas again. We have no idea how God will provide our required full funding. But we know He knows all those things and more.

So pray for our family to live well here in Oregon and for God to open whatever doors He sees fit to open in His timing.

Watching the cows has become a family event.

We’ll be looking for ways to plug into the local church while continuing to engage in prefield ministry. And we’re just actively waiting to see how and when God opens doors for language school.

Thanks for praying, friends. Let us know how we can be praying for you, too.

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