Road Trip Recap

Usually when we recap a vacation or road trip, the posts include lots of fun activities and memories. But usually, vacations and road trips don’t take place in a pandemic.

So this post may not be as “jazzy” as they usually are… but we’ll share some pretty pictures and hopefully it’s good fun anyway.

So we left Palmer, AK early Saturday morning. We were loaded and getting breakfast at a local coffee shop by about 6:45am. Our goal on Saturday was to make it to Tok, then spend the night there before entering Canada on Sunday.

It was a beautiful day! We saw one moose and lots of pretty views.

We made such great time that by about 1:30, we had reached Tok! Rather than spending the whole rest of the day there, we chose to take a quick break and then head right into Canada.

We had been a little nervous about crossing the border, because of the traveling restrictions. But we also knew that lots of people had been and were actively praying for us.

So when we approached the Canadian border at about 4:00pm, we knew we were as prepared as we could ever be. We handed over our documents, answered a few questions and were on our way in less than 5 minutes.

Allen and I drove away and just burst into laughter! God had so faithfully answered the prayers of His people and were in Canada.

We had already planned on sleeping in the Jeep, so we decided to just drive as far as we could by about 9:00pm, then begin looking for a place to pull over and sleep. We experienced some beautiful rest areas, heated up some hot pockets for dinner, drove through hail, and finally found a campground with an open spot. We set up camp and settled in for sleep.

We decided to get a super early start Sunday morning, so at 5:00am, our alarm went off. We freshened up some, chugged a couple bottles of iced coffee, and started driving. We stopped to see the signpost forest, drove over cool bridges, entered British Columbia, saw bison, found a Tim Hortons for dinner, and then parked in a pull off to get some sleep.

By Monday, we were over 1,300 miles from Palmer and really getting tired of driving for 16 hours a day. But that morning, at our first gas stop, Allen found us hot coffee and muffins! We found a pretty waterfall, kept checking the Mile Post, failed at crossword puzzles, and found another lovely rest area to sleep in.

Tuesday, we knew we had to get out of Canada… for our own sanity. So we made plans to spend the night Tuesday night with some friends from ABWE and hit the road to get to their house by early evening. We drove through the prettiest little Canadian towns, spent about 15 minutes at the American border crossing, celebrated being in Washington, and drove to our friends’ house! We took showers (yay!!) and slept in a real bed (yay!!). We ate super good Thai food and had such a lovely time visiting together.

By Wednesday, we were way over driving. So we said, “See ya!” to our friends at about 9:00am for the final push to Oregon. Everything was mostly flat and desert-like, so we took about one picture all day:

But then we finally turned the corner onto the last dirt road and across the field, could see my parents and our babies!!! After being separated for two week and two days, we were able to jump out of the Jeep and give them hugs.

It was so good to be reunited again.

We’ve spent the rest of the week exchanging lots of hugs, hearing stories, snuggling, and having so much fun together.

HUGE thank you to my parents for keeping our kiddos while we packed up life in Alaska.

And a HUGE thank you to everyone who prayed us through Canada! We’ve been laughing – we didn’t think any of the bumps, frost heaves, or potholes were that bad. We know God literally smoothed the way for us. He kept every tire inflated, kept our gas tank full, extended the hours, and provided us with coffee. What a good God we serve.

We are glad to be here for a time, settling into an Oregon routine, and waiting to see what doors God opens next.

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