Next Steps

In case you missed our Instagram and Facebook posts over the weekend, we have officially moved to western Oregon! So… now what?

Great question.

Short answer: waiting.

Long answer: waiting and preparing.

Longer answer:

The 7-week intensive French program we’d planned to do in Tennessee was cancelled. That means we have more time with both sides of our family before heading overseas.

We are still waiting to receive the girls’ passport renewals. And for the time being, France is not issuing visas. Therefore, we cannot apply for our visas for language school yet.

We are about 9% shy of our monthly support requirement.

We have one more training requirement to complete: a Muslim studies course (which we will finish in early August).

If France reopens and begins issuing visas; if we receive Ruth and Clara’s passport renewals in time; if we can apply for and receive our visas timely; if we reach full funding; if we finish our course; and if we get all of our other clearances from ABWE, we’ll be starting language school in France on September 1st.

Otherwise, language school will be delayed until October 2020 or January 2021, depending on the aforementioned items and the language school’s ability to reopen.

So that’s what’s up.

We’re spending the next few months waiting to see what happens in France and with US passport processing. We’re discovering who else God has called to this partnership team. We’re learning vital information for life and ministry in West Africa. And we’re trying to leave well when the time comes.

Starting this month, we are fully relying on our ABWE partnership team for financial support. So thank you to those who are giving now to support what God is doing.

Tomorrow we’ll post a recap of our fun (and quick) drive south. Next week, we’ll continue the kids’ Romans study for those who have been following along.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out!

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