What a week, y’all. Everyday, we were running hither, thither, and yon trying to get packed. But now, we’re (almost) done.

Real question here: has anyone anywhere ever moved without a ton of stress and frantic last-minute packing???

We haven’t.

Okay, so highlights from this week:

Yesterday, we had THREE people verbally commit to joining our partnership team! You guys, God is moving and it is amazing to see who He is bringing together to engage in His work. We are still looking for a few of families to join our team… could it be you?!

Speaking of team, we’ve had SUCH a sweet time in the last week with people we love:

We moved our shipping container (so exciting and stressful and crazy!!):

We signed on our house! And when we visited it last night to wrap up packing, we spent a few minutes praying over our house. I was just filled with such sorrow and joy at the same time. And as we prayed, the Holy Spirit reminded me that that’s how Christ felt on the cross: sorrow for the weight of sin that He bore… but joy for those set before Him. How beautiful that both sorrow and joy can be present in our lives simultaneously. There’s such tension in that, but it’s so good, too.

We did a final walk around the trail Allen built in the backyard. And as we rounded the corner back onto the grass, we saw this:

A full rainbow, right over our house.

Like always, pictures never do it justice. But I saw it and just sobbed. How good is God to remind us of His promises as one chapter in our lives is closing?

It was especially poignant because last night at dinner, we were sharing with two sweet friends about how God lead our family to Togo. And we mentioned Pastor Martouka’s sermon about God telling Noah to build the ark and how he obeyed, without seeing the whole picture. We all know the end of that story: the rainbow from God was a promise he would never destroy the earth with a flood again. Sin was punished, but not without the promise of a future deliverer… a bow pointing up to God’s own Son.

So that’s a wrap on our last week in Alaska.

It’s humbling and exciting and scary to be at this point. But Psalm 56:3 is trustworthy:

Please pray for us this weekend as we make our way out of Alaska (Saturday) and into Canada (Sunday). Pray for safety, for our Jeep to handle the load easily, and for smooth roads and transitions between countries. We’ll touch base throughout our journey on Instagram and Facebook, so follow along there!

Have a great weekend and thanks for being on this team.

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