Last Tuesday in AK

After meeting, falling in love, getting married, having children, buying a house, serving in our local church, earning degrees, and being called to career missions in Togo, West Africa, Allen and I are now facing our last week in Alaska.

We are officially in full-time ministry, relying on God and the team He has developed for our financial support.

Our shipping container is officially in long-term storage at our generous friends’ house, though we have a few more items to put in it. (Like a generator! How could we forget a generator?! Good grief.)

And now? Things are real and we have BIG things to pray about:

1. We need to receive the girls’ passports and supporting documents back by Thursday, the last day we’ll have access to our mailbox. Please deliver it, Lord Jesus.

2. We saw an increase to our financial need due to health insurance. We need about 12% (12 people at about $75 per month) of our monthly support ASAP, especially since we are starting to draw on that support this month. Please build Your team, Lord Jesus.

3. Things are still locked down in Canada, and though we have supporting documents, we may be turned away at the border. Pray we get through this weekend when we drive out and that things go smoothly on our loooooong drive. Please open the way, Lord Jesus.

4. Our kids are staying with my parents in Oregon. Everyone is doing well, but pray for good sleep, safety, and a fun time together. Please bless, Lord Jesus.

5. We are exhausted. It’s been lots of late nights and early mornings as we’ve been packing, seeing friends, buying last minute things (the generator!!!!!), and finalizing our house sale. Please help, Lord Jesus.

We are seeing God move though, y’all. We have been so encouraged and spiritually challenged over the last couple of days. We have seen His provision, grace, and safety, especially as they loaded our container (check out the transport truck below):

And as we wrap up this stage and literally move to the next, we just want to say thank you. Thank You, God, for calling us to this and going before us every step of the way. Thank you, friends and partners, for faithfully praying for and giving to what God is doing in West Africa. Thank you, kids, for being patient with us as we follow God and see your lives interrupted, too.

May God be honored and glorified in our loves and in all we do.

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  1. We are so proud of what God has accomplished through your family, and to think this is only the beginning! Thank you for your hard work in keeping us updated with everything that God is doing. We will be praying for you all in the days ahead.

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