Happy Friday!

What a whirlwind of a week! How is it already the weekend again?

Here’s our week in photos:

Telling the best coworkers, “See you later!”
Celebrating my birthday!
Final porch photos in Alaska as a family before kids went to Oregon.
Beautiful sunrise and sleepy kids at the airport.
Movie time with Mimi and Papa.
Taking walks to water cows.
Windy post-dinner photos with friends-like-family.
And lots of packing, sorting, and organizing.

Our container gets moved to its temporary location on Monday. We have less than one more week in our sweet little home.

We’re a little bit behind on our May newsletter (sorry!!) but hope to have it out on Saturday or Sunday. Keep your eyes peeled on your email inbox (or junk mail).

Have a great weekend!

One thought on “Happy Friday!

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