Tuesday Talk

Our family went on a final Alaskan adventure this weekend to see some lovely friends, Sam and Dianna… and it was just what our tired family needed.

We’ll share more pictures later in the week, but we had to post this one:

We have so many things to praise God for:

  • God is so faithful and good. We’re seeing that in our lives everyday.
  • Allen earned his bachelor’s degree! I am so so proud of all the hard work he put into the last several years.
  • We have a new financial partner! The family who joined our team has been so encouraging throughout our whole prefield process and has shared many gifts and much insight with our family already. We are so thankful for them!
  • Our commissioning service on Sunday was very encouraging – thank you to everyone who came, prayed over our family, and spoke words of love to us. We praise God for you.
  • And our Farewell Open House on Sunday afternoon was so fun. Apart from the 5 minutes of rain, the weather was beautiful, our yard and home were full (but never with more than 20 people at a time), and we made some delicious s’mores together.

As we go into our last three weeks in Alaska, here’s how you can be praying:

  • This is our kids’ last week here. Pray that transitions go smoothly for all of us, that we have safety traveling this weekend, but most of all, that this will be a fun, relaxing, and (positively) memorable week for our family.
  • Things have gone really smoothly for our house… pray that that continues!
  • We are taking an Islamic studies course. Pray that we will be able to successfully complete our studies this summer.
  • Pray for the rest of our partnership team! There’s still about 9% lingering and we are excited to see who God has to join the work He is doing.
  • I’ve transitioned back into the office. Pray for our kids to adjust well to this change, right before we don’t see them for a while.

Thanks for walking this journey with us, friends.

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