A Week in Pictures

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Well, we have seven pictures for you today – one from each day of the week! But first, some big news…

We got our ABWE medical clearance last week! Before we can leave for the field, we have to obtain official clearance from several key areas… and one of them is medical. Step one: done!

Now, onto our week in photos…


While waiting for the house inspector to finish up, we ate lunch at the lake in the back of the Jeep! It was cold.


We spent some time in the sun on Saturday with our sweet friends, the Teeples! Ruth, Clara, and Ashlyn are the sweetest little friends.


We were able to attend church services in person on Sunday and updated the family photo in our missions display!


Dentist appointments for the whole family on Monday… and despite her freak out, Ruth eventually became brave enough to sit in the chair for a teeth-counting party.


Hudson loved watching our friend Ted work on some house projects that came up during our inspection.


Aunt Betty (and Uncle Fred) have been such a blessing to our family. Betty and Clara have a sweet little bond, so when Betty stopped by on Wednesday, they had to share some snuggles.


Pastor Kyle and Jerimiah came over yesterday and spent the afternoon helping Allen load some big things (like our headboard) into our container! It was a beautiful day so spending it working outside was not a problem.

Well, that’s a wrap! Our girls have just one more week in Alaska – we are flying them down to Oregon over Memorial Day weekend. Our time here is quickly coming to a close… thank you to everyone who has prayed for, contributed to, and helped our family. We love you.

Have a great weekend!

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