Lesson #5

I don’t know about you, but halfway through last week’s lesson, our own kids had checked out. They no longer wanted to hear about our calling to obey, to belong to Jesus, and to be holy.

So we improvised and stuck one of the closing activities right there in the middle of the lesson. It worked like a charm: our kids got some energy out, we were able to take a breath, and then we could keep going in our lesson.

If you can relate, please adapt! Throw in a random activity. Start talking in a funny voice. Make your kids jump while they practice their memory verse. Learning about Jesus should be a joyful and engaging part of our lives… not one filled with drudgery and being forced to sit still in a chair for too long.

All that to say, here’s lesson #5, from Romans 1:8-17.

If you’re using these lessons, we’d love to hear your feedback! What could we do to improve them? How can we support you in teaching your kids about Jesus? Feel free to comment here or on one of our social media posts that ties back to this one and let us know your thoughts and how your lesson goes!

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