Tuesday Talk: Our Kids

We’ve noticed more and more how all of these changes (in our family right now) and stressors (in the world as a whole) are affecting our kids.

This week, our focused prayer requests are really for Ruth, Clara, and Hudson. They have all been emotional, not sleeping well, on edge, easily frustrated, tired all the time.

So please pray for our kids, especially in the area of their sleep. As their sleep improves, we know the rest of their stressors will, too.

And pray for me and Allen, too. We’re trying to remember that our kids are our first ministry, not a tack-on ministry. They are our primary focus (after God and our marriage). They are more important than prefield, than partnership development, than putting our house on the market.

Thanks for loving our family well and for praying for us. We’re praying for you, too, friends.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk: Our Kids

  1. God we are asking for you to intervene on behalf of the children. Protect their hearts and minds is this season of change. We also ask that you give them a special ability to trust the decisions that their parents have made as the days of life in Anchorage come to a close. Bless their rest as they crawl into bed at night. In Jesus name, amen 🙏🏻

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