Friday Favorites

In reflecting on this week, we realized that it probably looked A LOT like your week: staying home, ordering things online, taking walks, working remotely…

…and that left us stammering with what to say. So we’re going to just share our favorite photo from each day, starting with last Friday!

But before we get there, I want to point out two of this week’s posts:

What We’ve Been Priming gives you a sneak peek into our recent Amazon purchases. Tuesday’s prayer requests post was an encouragement for us more than anything else. And yesterday, we shared our fourth children’s study, which introduces kids to the book of Romans.

Now, this week in pictures:

Clara is our little shopper. We’ll ask, “Who wants to go to [random place] with me?” and she will jump at the chance. So on Friday, Allen took her shopping for bubble wrap. They practiced social distancing, wiped down carts, and used hand sanitizer… and she was pumped to be included!
We spent Saturday packing up our stringed instruments. It was bittersweet, knowing we wouldn’t see or play them again for about two years!
Thanks to self-timers and tripods, we snagged a great family photo on Easter Sunday! It was after lunch, so you can see messy faces and sweaters (there’s chocolate on Clara’s which thankfully came out in the wash) and I feel like that about sums us up.
We must have been on a sugar crash after Easter, because the only pictures we have from Monday are of the yucka snow in our backyard. It has since melted a lot more (yay!) but things were looking pretty miserable earlier in the week.
Ruth has been so so funny lately. Right before I took this picture on Tuesday, she said she was really stressed out about unicorns. I mean, what?! We’re also trying to teach her how to tell jokes and the ones she makes up make no sense but are hilarious. ALSO, she has started snorting when she laughs and I love it.
Seeing Hudson splash in puddles for the first time in his little tiny rain boots was so sweet on Wednesday. He was just ecstatic and now, any time the door opens, he makes a beeline for it, hoping to sneak outside.
Our kiddos have not been sleeping well, so we forced them to have some quiet reading time in their beds yesterday morning. Hudson was napping at the time, so he got in on it a little later.

That’s a snapshot of our week, friends. Hope yours was great and may God richly bless your weekend!

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