What We’ve Been Priming

I saw this tweet online the other day and laughed. A lot. And then I showed it to Allen.

In theory, we should be saving a TON of money right now! In reality, we are ordering from Amazon Smile or Target pick up about every other day. So what have we been Priming (and otherwise buying) for Togo lately?

Since our last Priming Post, we’ve purchased…

These produce bags to take to the market in Kara (or to just organize our kitchen/pantry/toys/life).

These foldable car seats (our kiddos should all be big enough by the time we get to West Africa that we can use these instead of big bulky ones!).

These reusable sealable bags (which seem to be really sturdy!).

A salad spinner (oooh, ahhhh – also, no picture, because everyone knows what a salad spinner is). We’ll have to wash all of our produce in bleach or vinegar, so this will be helpful for getting them dry afterward.

Some mini puzzles for gifts for our kiddos. They all LOVE puzzles and we thought this Paris one, plus this dinosaur and this elephant, were so cute!

We’ve purchased lots of first aid supplies and were really impressed by this fully loaded bag:

The GAs at our church are doing a fundraiser to off-set the cost of our water filtration system. But we went ahead and ordered the filters, replacement nozels, and replacement elements so that we could pack them. Any donations given will reimburse our O&P for the total cost. Here’s the video they made to promote the fundraiser!

We’ve also been placing a lot of orders to Old Navy (hello, half-price flip flops!), Nordstrom Rack (for super cheap closed-toed kids sandals), and Target (for other miscellaneous shoes). And the other day, I was THAT PERSON who went shopping at WalMart for what was perceived to be non-essential items (and you should have seen the mean looks I got!):

FInally, we’re trying to pick out some presents to take to Togo with us. We found books with our kids’ names in the titles (here’s Ruth’s, Clara’s, and Hudson’s), so we ordered those, too.

I’m going to wrap this up with a little note that we don’t fully believe, but can laugh at anyway:

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