Tuesday Talk

Let’s talk about something. Let’s talk about all the plans that have had to be reworked recently due to COVOD-19: the canceled trips, the postponed parties, the uncertainties around seeing friends and family.

Everyone has something that had to be rescheduled or changed. An interruption of some kind has affected everyone’s life, worldwide.

And yet.

Job walked through hard things, didn’t he? God allowed a lot of his plans to change: he lost his children, his livestock, his health… We see Job lamenting his loss in Scripture and we see his friends being Not Very Helpful.

At the end of the book of Job, the Lord speaks. And after His awe-inspiring speech in chapters 38-41 (which you should read today if it’s been a while), we are privy to Job’s response in Job 42:2.

Oh, how our plans can be thwarted! Oh, how they can change and be changed at the drop of a hat, at the spread of a virus!

And yet, the Lord can do all things. No purpose of His can be thwarted.

We’re sorry plans have changed, trips were canceled, and events were postponed. We feel that pain, uncertainty, and unease, too.

But be encouraged! The work God began in us will be completed. It will not be thwarted. HE will not be thwarted.

This week, we are asking that God give you (and us) just a tiny glimpse of what He is up to. What does He want to teach us this Holy Week as we remember Christ’s sacrifice on the cross? What does He want us to remember as we celebrate His resurrection from the dead and victory over sin? Whatever it is, let’s align our hearts to His purposes, knowing they won’t be thwarted.

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