Tuesday Talk

Today marks day two of our Field Prep Seminar (FPS)! This is our last ABWE training and we are excited to be participating in an online format for the first time ever.

Of course, we miss seeing everyone face-to-face, wandering the beautiful campus, eating the delicious food… but this will suffice for now.

Because of Alaska’s latest “Shelter in Place” guidelines, we legally can’t have a babysitter. That means, while trying to learn about how to navigate different cultures, we are also wrangling three (crazy and exhausted and discombobulated) kiddos.

I think Allen and I drank about a pot and a half of coffee yesterday.

So how can you be praying for us this week?

  • For Ruth, Clara, and Hudson to cooperate so we can focus on our training. By that I mean: take good naps, play quietly, share, watch movies, etc. We aren’t reaching for the stars here… but we are reaching for three simultaneous naps.
  • For Allen and I to be able to focus on the training, feel connected with the other participants, discern more about God’s calling on our lives, and grow in our understanding of who God is and how we can serve Him.
  • For the leaders and other missionaries participating in FPS this week. We all have so much going on in our lives, but this is a really special time for each of us.
  • I’m not working for the next two weeks, but Allen still has class. Pray for diligence in his studies, even after long days of video chatting.

Part of our commitment to you, our partners, is that we pray for you. And we do. We have a calendar with everyone’s name on a square and each day of the month, we pray for one or two of our partners by name. If we know of particular needs in your lives, we pray for them specifically.

But some of those squares are blank. Will you join us in praying that the Lord will build the rest of our team so that every square has two names in it and we are fully funded? We are only 14% (less than $1,000 per month) away from being fully funded. Praise God!

Thanks for praying, friends. We. Love. You.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk

  1. Father we pray that you would provide the right names for each of the squares on the Batts calendar 🗓 we ask for long term, deeply committed Christians to answer the call of sending the ones you have called out into the global aspects of world missions. Your Word teaches us that “every good and perfect gift 🎁 has its origin in You.” So we lay this request at your feet, trusting in Your ability to provide in ways that are beyond our ability to think or imagine.

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