Lesson #1

We know that in this season, it is highly unlikely that your family is attending small-group Bible Study, Sunday School, Home Group, or whatever variation of that your congregation uses for discipleship and Bible teaching. Some of our Sunday School teachers are using Zoom… but since we have young kids running around our house, being able to engage our class (most of whom also have young kids!) online through that format is not practical.

In order to meet that need for family discipleship (and so that we can continue engaging with our Sunday School class in a different way), we’re going to be creating some lessons that parents can use with their kids!

Every Thursday, we’ll post another lesson. They will follow the Bible studies that we are doing with our own class here in Alaska so that when we’re able to meet together again, we can pick up where we’ve left off, but they’re also designed so that a family can pick one or two and use them independently of the others.

The lessons will require limited supplies, all of which you should have on hand in some variation. They are written for elementary age kids, but anyone could tweak the questions to require more in-depth conversation with older students (and if anyone is interested in lessons for older students, let us know! We can build in sample questions for next week).

Our class is wrapping up a study in Ephesians, so this week’s lesson is about the Armor of God! It includes a memory verse to work on as a family, an opening activity for younger and older kids, a lesson, and activity ideas (including a coloring page and additional activity sheet). If you don’t have a printer, don’t worry – just open the file on your mobile device and teach from there. There are alternatives for some activities that don’t require a printer, too.

Click the “Download” button below to get started.

If you use the lesson, we’d love to hear your feedback and see the activities you did with your kiddos! This is such a different time… but what a cool opportunity to learn and grow in new ways.

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